Rally car parts online store coming soon to RDR!

Posted: 2015-07-15, in category: Customer Builds, Motor Sport Parts, News, updates

rally car parts

Rally Car Parts Online store from RDR Motorsport, bringing you our tried and tested parts for you to use on your own motorsport projects


A quick public service announcement to say that we have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you a fully stocked rally car parts online store. We are aiming to offer you a quick one-stop-shop whereby you can see all the parts we use and recommend when building our customer rally cars. We have recently built Subaru Impreza, Ford Escort, Triumph TR7 V8, Porsche 911 and many more rally cars for both ourselves and our valued clients.

Richard Lebeter, Director at RDR Motorsport says;

We will not be aiming to offer you all the rally car parts under the sun! This store should allow you to see only a select range of top quality, value for money parts that we personally buy and use when building and maintaining vehicles in our workshops. In many cases we wont actually be selling you the products directly! We just want you to benefit from our experience and knowledge in choosing reliable, value for money parts for your home build motor sport project. We will recommend only trusted and secure online retailers (such as amazon) whereby you can make secure payment with excellent customer service to follow.

Hope this helps many of you meet tight budgets, or simply leaves you satisfied that you have a personal recommendation from us that an item is top quality or good value for money! As stated, we will be working with many online retailers to ensure we offer value, security and top class customer service when you look to us for rally car parts. It also goes without saying that when you purchase used parts through us directly, we are readily contactable and always respond quickly and helpfully to any enquiries.


At present we have a handful of used rally car parts available in stock, however keep checking www.rdrmotorsport.co.uk/store for further information and newly available products over the coming weeks!!


rally car parts

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