PIAA H7 Platinum White Halogen 12V 55W Bulbs (pair) – SOLD


PIAA H7 Platinum White Halogen 12V 55W Bulbs (pair) – SOLD

Performing equivalent to 100 watt bulbs, brilliant white ‘H.I.D.’ colour.

Upgrade your night vision to near ‘H.I.D.’ quality for a fraction of the cost and fitting time !

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PIAA H7 Platinum White Halogen 12V 55W Bulbs (pair)

These are the best bulbs on the market. Performing equivalent to 100 watt bulbs, brilliant white ‘H.I.D.’ colour.

These bulbs will provide a brilliant Platinum cool white light that will light up road hazards and street signs long before a normal halogen bulb.

 Platinum White Halogen bulbs achieve something few other high-performance bulbs can – and that’s deliver a stunning performance whilst complying with European regulations. Surprisingly only drawing 65/55 watts power, the bulbs convert the output of light to an equivalent of 110/100 watts, appearing far brighter than standard Halogen or Xenon units by emitting a crisp, blue-white, far-reaching beam.

PIAA bulbs are scientifically engineered using the latest technology to produce the highest quality and advanced bulbs on the market today. As well as a market leader in the automotive industry, PIAA lighting are official technical partners to some of the leading motor sport teams in the world including Ford, Subaru, Skoda & Mitsubishi world rally teams.

PIAA Design Features:
– High quality heat resistant glass
– Welded focus ring that assures correct positioning
– Provides brighter and whiter light for less power
– One piece filament support allows correct support and positioning
– A metal bond holds the glass tube, preventing cracks and leaks

Power draw: An electrical system that cannot provide the required power is a common cause for premature bulb failure in vehicles. A major factor to why when fitting extremely high wattage bulbs does not improve the brightness the lights ! PIAA’s unique application of technology allow their bulbs to produce a much higher light output on the same power draw as the standard bulb you replace. This eliminates any stress on the electrical system which is usually associated with high wattage bulbs.

Standard fitment in all our competition and high performance road cars.

Price is for one box, containing a pair of H7 bulbs as per photograph.



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