PIAA 80 Series Competition Spot Lamp- NEW – NOW SOLD

PIAA 80 Series Competition Spot Lamp, H4, 180mm rally lamp.  SOLD

Driving Lamp, brand new, in box, never fitted, ex shop display items only taken out of the box to photograph.

Significant saving on manufacturers recommended retail list price.



PIAA 80 Series Competition Spot Lamp, H4, 180mm rally lamp – NEW

Class: Competition Lamp
Type: Driving Lamp
Bulb: Clear
Bulb Type: H4 135/90 W bulb


Black powder coated steel shell body with a chrome retaining ring

Supplied with a white lamp cover with the PIAA logo

 In Stock – Driving Lamps. Also available as spot lamp or fog lamp – see beam pattern below

PIAA lamps are available for various applications. Note the diagram adjacent which is a guide on the 3 types of beams available.

Fog – A fog light enhances visibility in fog, rain, snow and dust. Fog lights are intended to be used conjunction with standard headlamp systems. PIAA’s Ion Crystal series of lighting are an excellent choice for bad driving conditions. Fog lights are intended to be used in conjunction with standard headlamp low beams.

Drive – A drive light is intended to supplement the high beam of a standard headlamp system to enhance the illumination for increased visibility all round.

Spot – Sometimes referred to as a Pencil Beam. A narrow beam of light that has an extremely long range with minimal side to side illumination.

Some of PIAA’s key use of technology in various lighting systems (depending on the application) includes:

Ion Crystal – PIAA’s method of achieving this is a propriety coating applied to a bulb or lens that transforms the light output to amber with much higher efficiency that conventional amber coloured lenses.

Lens Fluting – A process in which moulds the lens to control the beam pattern by deflecting the light to the desired point in the beam. Lens Fluting usually looks like vertical cuts in the lens.

Multi Surface Reflector – MSR, A reflector designed to control the beam pattern with a computer designed surface to project the light precisely to the desired point in the beam.

Dichroic – A technology where the lamp design is such that it allows heat to dissipate away from the bulb which in turn increases bulb life and makes the whole lighting setup more efficient. Used mostly in the compact tuning lamps in the PIAA range.


Price is per lamp, posted or can collected in person.



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