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Peugeot 106 (MA) – Gripper LSD


Peugeot 106 (MA) Gripper LSD and Crown Wheel & Pinion options…. See List

Now with Lifetime Warranty

Call  01430 272704  for details and prices – see examples

Full fitting and set-up service available



GRIPPER LSD – Peugeot 106 (MA) LSD Options…

The ultimate Limited Slip Differential – Now with Lifetime Warranty 

For ultimate performance choose a Gripper Differential. Gripper Differentials are the most tuneable differential package available on the market today, utilising a compact 6 to 12 plate system which can be set up in house to exactly your requirements.

All Gripper diffs come with the Gripper lifetime warranty. Should your differential fail, simply ship the unit to and from us and it will be rebuilt with new internals free of charge*.
Also the unique re-setup service. If after purchasing and fitting your new diff it isn’t quite set up to your liking, simply ship the item back and it will be rebuilt to your preferred setting, free of charge.*

Please specify what type of motorsport your diff will predominantly undertake, for example, tarmac rally, gravel rally, circuit racing, etc. as this will enable us to set up your diff to perform to an optimal level on that surface. For the experienced racer with a preferred setup, simply supply us with your ramp angle and preload settings and we will build your diff to spec.

With over 70 applications available we are positive we can exceed your Rally, Off-Road, Circuit or Drift car needs.

Peugeot MA Options Available: 

106 (MA) LSD ONLY (for O.E Press-On Crownwheel fitment – RRP £957.60    Our Price £895 inc VAT

106 (MA) LSD ONLY (for Gripper Crownwheel fitment – RRP £732.00    Our Price £699 inc VAT

106 (MA) including Crown Wheel & Pinion – Full set – RRP £1516.80    Our Price £1399.99 inc VAT

106 (MA) Crownwheel & Pinion Set –  NO LSD – RRP £792.00    Our Price £735.00 inc VAT

106 (MA) Crownwheel ONLY – NO LSD – RRP £420.00    Our Price £378.99 inc VAT – However … We strongly recommend fitting CW & P as a set 

106 (MA) Pinion ONLY – NO LSD – RRP £420.00    Our Price £378.99 inc VAT – However … We strongly recommend fitting CW & P as a set 


 All Diffs will be built and setup to suit your specific driving style and competition requirements. ALL plus £19.95 postage.


  1. Tarmac Race                                      40/65 ramps  120Nm
  2. Road / Trackday                                 40/65 ramps   60Nm
  3. Gravel                                                  30/60 ramps  120Nm
  4. Gravel (less plates)                           30/60 ramps    60Nm
  5. Old ZF Spec – Race                          45/45 ramps   120Nm
  6. Old ZF Spec – Road                          45/45 ramps     60Nm
  7. Race – Soft locking / Lightweight  50/80 ramps  120Nm
  8. Road – Soft locking / Lightweight  50/80 ramps    60Nm
  9. Race – Open on Over-run                 30/80 ramps  120Nm
  10. Road – Less plates                            30/80 ramps    60Nm
  11. Custom Build —  Call to discuss requirements.

We offer a fitting and set-up service for all Gripper LSD & Gear Kit installations by our factory trained technicians – call  01430 272704 for details and prices. 

* manufacturer terms and conditions apply.
**prices can fluctuate due to steel prices, we do update these prices regularly.





Additional information

Gripper LSD

LSD ONLY (for O.E Press-On Crown wheel fitment), LSD ONLY (for Gripper Crown wheel fitment, CW&P Only 13/59, CW&P Only 13/64, CW&P Only 13/67, CW&P Only 14/60, CW Only 59, CW Only 64, CW Only 67, CW Only 60, Pinion Only 13, Pinion Only 14, LSD Inc Gripper CW&P 13/59, LSD Inc Gripper CW&P 13/64, LSD Inc Gripper CW&P 13/67, LSD Inc Gripper CW&P 14/60


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